5-step HCMC flower delivery service process

dich vu boc xep

When you come to   our HCMC dich vu boc xep . All your goods are committed to safety with a standard process that gives you peace of mind.

Step 1: Receive customer information

Step 2: Determine the quantity of goods and the necessary human resources.

– The company will send employees to meet you directly, review the amount of goods and time to complete the job.

– If you have specific requirements for the number of employees, the company will send a team of workers to request.

Step 3: Negotiate price, sign loading service contract

– Advance price agreement and terms if applicable.

– Sign a service contract with a large partner and use the service for a long time

Step 4: Conduct work quickly and efficiently

– The company will send loading team quickly to the location you request.

– We will pack the goods carefully using specialized materials and clear notes.

– All goods will be sorted by the same category or previous location and noted.

– Perform quickly and safely, absolutely no damage occurs.

– Large or special items will be prioritized by careful, meticulous work experience.

– Smart loading and unloading plan implemented quickly

– Quantity of goods will be declared clearly before and after loading and unloading.

Step 5: Complete the results checking and payment

– Customers accept their goods

– If there are no errors, damages, missing, payment will be made

10 reasons customers choose cargo handling service of Dai Nam?

  • The company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of boc xep hang hoa .
  • We will have a consultant for you loading and unloading plan before construction
  • Fast and efficient 5-step loading process
  • The staff of young, good health, meticulous, careful sense of discipline and responsibility. All employees are well-trained, full of professional skills.
  • Workers are not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of cars, not afraid to work at night, not afraid of tiredness, hard work and hard work.
  • Ensuring your goods are always in good condition, we are committed not to damage, breakage.
  • Compensation for double the value of goods if any damage or omission.
  • Your goods are unloaded quickly and scientifically, saving you time
  • We will save the maximum cost for you.
  • There is a contract of service as agreed