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How much does it cost to go to Japan?

Now labor export to foreign countries is a trend of many young people. Wishing to get a job and a high salary within 3-5 years and then return to Vietnam to start a business.

And Japan is one of the countries that many Vietnamese workers choose to work. But many people still wonder the following:

How much will it cost to go to Japan in 2020? What is the cost to go to Japan or Japan? How much money do Japanese labor export come? … These are always the issues that receive special attention from Vietnamese workers when learning about the Japanese labor export program.

To better understand the costs of exporting to Japan, read the article below.

How much does it cost to go to Japan?

What are the expenses for traveling to Japan?

Because most of the candidates enrolled in the labor export program from Japan are from rural areas of Vietnam, workers have low and unstable income, etc. Therefore, economic conditions are limited. For these people, the cost of labor in Japan is a huge amount of money and most have to be borrowed.

Therefore, before deciding to register for Japan at any labor export center or company. Workers need to carefully study all expenses to go to Japan.

Here we will explore the costs to be paid before labor export.

1. Medical examination fee to go to Japan

Medical examinations are mandatory for anyone before labor export.

Medical examinations to Japan are required for all employees when registering for labor export to Japan to work. The purpose of this job is to recruit workers with good health, to meet the job requirements at enterprises and companies in Japan. 

Physical examination

The fee for health check abroad depends on the list of requirements for medical examination more or less. Normally, the fee for medical examination to go to Japan in Hanoi is about VND 700,000.

When taking a health check to work in Japan, employees must have a medical examination at a hospital authorized by the Ministry of Health to examine and issue a certificate for workers working abroad. These include some hospitals such as Trang An, Cho Ray, Da Nang, Hong Ngoc, Bach Mai general hospitals, …

2. Tuition fee to create source before registering exam orders

To help employees leave a good impression on Japanese employers and high acceptance rates. Before signing up for a job interview, employees will be taught basic Japanese training by the labor export company (learn to greet and introduce themselves in Japanese and some basic Japanese sentences). At the same time, practice interviewing style and guide you to answer questions that may be asked during the interview. 

The cost of creating sources includes: meals (lunch + dinner); dormitories and school fees; money examiner on exit. Time to learn the source is usually 5 days.

3. Service fees for labor export to Japan 2020

This is the cost of going to Japan for trainees that workers need to pay to Japanese labor export enterprises. How much the service charges depend on the following factors:

Orders to Japan for 1 year or 3 years: The cost of going to Japan for 1 year is only 1/3 of the cost of going to Japan for 3 years

Orders made outside the factory or in the factory: Outdoor orders, the cost of exporting to Japan is cheaper than working in the factory.

The company sent to Japan: There are hundreds of Japanese labor export centers / companies on the labor export market in Japan. The cost of labor export varies between companies. There is even a big difference between a reputable labor export company and a labor export company.

4. The cost of Japanese training for exporting to Japan after winning the order

After winning the registered order, employees will be trained in Japanese for a period of 4 months to 6 months. The purpose of this training course is to help Vietnamese workers quickly acquire knowledge at the workplace and integrate into the living environment in Japan soon.

Learn Japanese

Learning Japanese before going to Japan to work is a mandatory requirement for any employee. So when you are still in Vietnam, try and study Japanese very well!

Japanese training expenses include: meals (lunch + dinner); dormitory expenses (electricity and water); Japanese language tuition fee; Book and document money.

5. Cost of going to Japan: labor skills training (if any)

For orders that require experience and skills such as welding, garment, … Workers will be guided and trained by Japan Labor Export Company. 

Welding is one of the “hot” orders to Japan, which attracts many registered South Vietnamese workers 

6. Security deposit against running away

From June 6, 2017, most reputable labor export companies did not collect deposits against escaping to work. The removal of this money helped reduce the cost of going to Japan by nearly half. This also gives economically limited workers the opportunity to travel to Japan. 

How much does it cost to go to Japan for 1 year?

Compared to orders for 3 years to Japan, the cost of orders a year is much lower. In fact, the cost of going to Japan for 1-year labor export is only 1/3 of the cost of going to Japan for 3 years. Therefore, the 1-year Japanese labor export program is especially suitable for those who are financially constrained. 

How not to lose the cost of high labor export Japan?

To avoid costly travel to Japan by 2020, workers need to:

 Learn, refine information and register to work in Japan at the prestigious Japanese labor export company licensed by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

 Directly learn about the program of Japanese labor export, the Company sent to Japan, … Absolutely not learn through intermediaries brokers.

You should look to register dich vu cung ung lao dong companies  to find good export orders.

Don’t let the cost of going to Japan export stop you from changing your life

The fact shows that although the cost of going to Japan is quite high, with an income of 4-5 times higher than the domestic one, you can completely calculate the value you get after working in Japan back.

If you only look at the amount of money you have and the amount you owe to complete the cost of being a trainee in Japan. It is very difficult to make a decision Should we go to labor export Japan?

However, if you think:  in investment money to go to Japan to work with high incomes, more stable. Later in the country to have a better life and future, you will feel much less pressure and more comfortable .

Normally, the salary of Japanese labor export ranges from 28 million to 30 million VND / month. Note that this is the basic salary excluding overtime and overtime. After deducting monthly living expenses such as taxes; health insurance, social insurance; living expenses; gas, water, telephone bills, etc. Workers can save on average 18 – 20 million. In fact, many Vietnamese workers have a real income of VND 20-25 million / month.

Thus, with such a stable income, it is less than 1 year, the employee has paid the initial investment cost for going to Japan for labor. The remaining time, workers work and accumulate saving money. After 3 years of labor export in Japan, workers can save VND 500-600 million. 

You can also contact Dai Nam labor supply company for details before going to Japan.

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